20 Sep2012

Basement Jams

Posted by AIC • Sep 20, 2012


The record label (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams) is already in motion, the first of many future events takes place this Saturday (check the flyer below), and here is a recent mix made with the Wasp’s midweek radio show in mind.



Third Electric – Gentle Beat
Kurt Baggaley – Population Too Late
Chris Moss Acid – The Big Freeze
Daniel Andréasson – Culprit
Static – Iron Orbit
Anom Vitruv – Untitled
Mark du Mosch – Salmiak
Nax_Acid | Claudio PRC – Chondrite H4
Jared Wilson – Challenging Shadows
J.T.C. – The Controller (Mick Wills Remix)
Arcanoid – Zero G
John Heckle – Hard Sleeper
Star Pitsa Acid Kru – Star Special
V-Room – V-Shaped
Jagdstaffel 66 – Nur Fur Die F-104
Ekman – Little Did He Know
Elitechnique – Hotel Cosmos
Henri Green – Give Into The Music
Brian Harris – Wizdom
Coming Down Band – Slow Mo Acid
Phantom Planet Outlaws – Bring It Back


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