18 Jul2012

Slabs 167 - Vast & Bulbous

Posted by Joel • Jul 18, 2012


Earlier this year I went along to a decent party in Bristol called Dirty Talk. They very kindly asked me to bring along some records to play in the back room cage alongside a friendly Bristolian, Tom (from Vast & Bulbous). His musical selection that evening was impressive, so we requested that he do us a mix.



State of Grace – That’s When I’ll Be Free (Party Mix)
Tokyo Black Star – Sotto Marino
Sunny Place – Won (X-Mix)
? – ?
Giorgio Luceri – Less Business
Nami Shimada – Sunshower
Stephan.G & The Persuader – Funk Seven
DJ Sotofett – Pulse House
The Splash Band – Starman (Dance Mix)
Murphy Jax – The Astro Disco
Jason Fine – Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun Remix)
Doris Norton – Caution Radiation Norton
Iasos – Splash Happy
Errors – Pleasure Palaces (Brassica Remix)
Kraftwerk – Electric Cafe
Vast and Bulbous – Brochure
Marco Bernardi – Hebrew National Salami
Legowelt – Encounters at Fairpoint
Raymond In Space – Galactica
Mac Artuir – LimeLite
Voiceover Woman – Invisible Shield


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