18 Dec2010

Slabs 124 - .thejass.

Posted by Joel • Dec 18, 2010


Since first being introduced to .thejass. underworld, his mixes have taken a firm place in the subconscious. We were so impressed with the magnificent “Endlessly Elapsing Evil”, that we asked if he would like to contribute something for the site. He responded.


“Murdered Out Techno” a .thejass. exclusive mix for Slabs Of The Tabernacle

“Murdered Out Techno” is like hearing techno music in a dark alley outside of a dance club – a matte blacked out repetitive four to the floor kick drum is buried beneath heavy layers of doom metal, drone, and dark ambient samples. With the beats per minute sedated like our great recession, the grim cognitive loops repeat long enough to result in a shamanic suicide.” – .thejass.


Michael Jordan vs. Void ov Voices vs. Porter Ricks vs. Prurient & Kevin Drumm vs. Eric Sneo & Chris Liebing vs. Aidan Baker vs. Adam Beyer vs. Burning Star Core vs. Pom Pom vs. Sunn O))) & Earth vs. Ryan Elliot vs. Svarte Greiner vs. Shed vs. Black Seas Of Infinity vs. Speedy J vs. Anduin vs. Ben Klock vs. Deathprod vs. Len Faki & Marcel Dettmann vs. .thejass. vs. Coph Nia & Mindspawn

Massive thanks to .thejass. for this recording. Make sure you check his other work on the link below:

.thejass. Soundcloud


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