11 Aug2010

Slabs 116 - Nighttime World Mix

Posted by AIC • Aug 11, 2010



Another Paul Marchant cassette tape ripped to mp3. Cheers to brother John for identifying (almost) all of the tracks.

Part 1



01mins) Luke Slater – Natural Science (Peacefrog, PF011x) (1993)
07mins) Robert Hood – Stark Reality (Cheap, 12 CHEAP 14) (1995)
10mins) Octave One – Symbiont (430 West, 4W-255) (1995)
14mins) Hot Lizard – The Theme (Love From San Francisco Mix) (Pacific Records, ficd003) (1995)
19mins) Dj Attik – Acid Plasma (Radikal Fear, FEAR 021)
22mins) Hot Lizard – The Theme (Mark Broom Mix) (Pacific Records, ficd003) (1995)
28mins) Unknown
31mins) Octave One – Terraforming (430 West, 4W-255) (1995)
34mins) Modal – Lovers (Sounds (US), SO 08) (1995)
37mins) Jeff Mills – Black Is The Number (Axis, AX-11) (1995)
40mins) Robert Hood – Electric Nigger Pt. 1 (Cheap, 12 CHEAP 14) (1995)
45mins) Felix Da Housecat – Footsteps of Rage (Robert Hood Remix) (Radikal Fear, FEAR 011)

Part 2



01mins) Octave One – Envision (430 West, 4W-255) (1995)
05mins) Jiggerwatts – Retripped (Saxony Productions, SAX 008) (1995)
09mins) Terrence Hawke – Ova Tow (Head In The Clouds, H 007) (1995)
13mins) Ron Maney – Skulls Hotline (Hybrid, HYB 014) (1995)
18mins) DJ Skull – Acid Wis “L” (Djax-Up-Beats, DJAX-UP-238) (1995)
20mins) Chito’s Revenge – Oracion (Bomb Records, 12BOMB005) (1995)
26mins) Jeff Mills – In The Bush (Axis, AX-11) (1995)
29mins) 4Voice – 4Voice 3 (Fax +49-69/450464, PK 08/044) (1993)
36mins) Dave Angel – Arabian Nights (Blunted, BVMLP 2) (1995)
37mins) Felix Da Housecat – Submarine (Splash Remix & Original Edit) (Radikal Fear, FEAR 015) (1995)
41mins) 4th Wave – Electroluv (Planet E, PESP-1) (1995)
43mins) The Martian – Lost Transmission From Earth (Red Planet, RP 1) (1992)


  1. Neville said...

    DJ Skull – Acid Wis. TUNE!!!

  2. Neville said...

    Ah, man. He mixed out of it before the best bit!!!

  3. Paul Marchant said...

    “He mixed out of it before the best bit”. Well what can I say, I’ll have a word with ‘im. He was just a young, autistic slip of a lad, fixated with blending electronic rhythm’s. Sometimes he just couldn’t help himself and he’d go astray, so lost he was in the moment, ultimately overcome by sheer acidic build up momentum. You should have seen him, pulsating on the floor, oozing cosmic dribble at the mouth, during a pergon / the deliverer induced fit. 37 hours before he could stand again.

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