28 May2012

Slabs 164 - Nick Craddock - Spinback Quota

Posted by AIC • May 28, 2012


Nick: Jeff Mills was ace last night but there just weren’t enough spinbacks

Us: Aye you’re right…
…go on then, make us a mix with loads of spinbacks

Nick: Alright then I will



1. Jeff Mills ‘Solarized’ [Axis]
2. Safety Scissors ‘Carbon Fingers’ [Context]
3. Robert Hood ‘Master Builder (Sandman Option)’ [Tresor]
4. Question ‘Third Question (B1)’ [Question]
5. Damon Wild ‘13’ [Music Man]
6. Jay Denham ‘Daydream’ [Cloned Vinyl]
7. Damon Wild & Echoplex ‘Striking Key’ [Synewave]
8. Surgeon ‘Learning (A2)’ [Dynamic Tension]
9. Paul Mac ‘Puddy’ [Fragmented]
10. Danilo Vigorito ‘Out…’ [Informale]
11. Christian Bloch ‘Nordic’ [Simple Muzik]
12. Blue Maxx ‘Betastate’ [Synewave]
13. John Thomas ‘Square (Robert Hood remix)’ [Logistic]
14. Christian Bloch ‘Plague 2’ [Simple Muzik]
15. L.A. Williams ‘Hypnotic’ [Nepenta]
16. Robert Hood ‘Hard To Kill’ [M-Plant]
17. Thee Sequel ‘Clashbackk 2000 (Frankie Bones Edit)’ [Clashbackk]
18. Claude Young ‘The Altamirian (James Ruskin rework)’ [MB Selektions]
19. Joey Beltram ‘Ballpark (Steve Bicknell remix) [Tresor]
20. Damon Wild ‘Jackass’ [Music Man]
21. DJ Hyperactive ‘Beltway’ [Missile]
22. Samuel L ‘Pieces Part 2’ [SLS]
23. Steve Stoll ‘Target Down’ [Proper NYC]
24. JB3 ‘Presence’ [Novamute]
25. The Dark Man ‘Untitled Lines (B1)’ [212 Productions]
26. Karakter ‘Untitled (B2)’ [Cosmic ID]
27. Echoplex ‘Epicentrum’ [Soleil]
28. Ignacio ‘Darkness’ [Music Man]
29. Alter Ego ‘Lycra (Luke Slater ‘Dinosaur Mix’) [Harthouse]
30. DJ Slip ‘Jill’s Meth (B1)’ [Missile]
31. H&M ‘Suspense’ [Axis]


  1. jwins said...

    More spinbacks!

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