25 Aug2009

The Third Man - TTM01 (free downloads)

Posted by AIC • Aug 25, 2009


The Third Man is playing another live set for us in a couple of months. To get an idea of what to expect keep checking his website for a new series of free download bundles he has just started dishing out.

“Hi all,

After having released a few records, I wanted the chance to put out the tracks I want, when I wanted and get them heard by as many people as possible. So I am planning to put out a series of “releases”, free for all to download and listen to, give to friends, mix, file share and play out. The music will be a spread of all things I make from downbeat stuff to techno, house, electro and so on.

So please follow this thread and visit my website where all the releases will be posted and do comment. Plus join the mailing list to keep up with the new releases via email and I hope you enjoy the tunes.




Download here

1, Luna 24
2, Alioth
3, Messier 101



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