14 Aug2009

Slabs 063 - Casionova LIVE @ The Twisted Wheel

Posted by AIC • Aug 14, 2009


Here is a pretty raw recording of Casionova’s healthy set at The Twisted Wheel back in July. He also provided us with a tracklist for the boffins.



den harrow – future brain (another version)
fockewulf 190 – gitano
scotch – penguiins invasion (hot version)
crazy gang – arabian nights (12” version)
cheaps – moliendo cafe
casco presents mr master – a dog in the night (instrumental)
international music system – dancing therapy
novo band – you’re gonna be mine (instrumental)
paul parker – right on target
bobby o – i’m so hot for you
klapto – mister game
ray massara – dj for money
xenon – symphony (dance version)
cat gang – locomotive breath (special cat version)
panorama – war in love (instrumental)
azoto – havah nagilah
aragorn ballroom orcestra – helm’s deep
immortals – ultimate warlord
black devil disco club – constantly no respect
methusalem – time machine
macho – i’m a man
the original mass – disco kicks
rudy – white room


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