15 Jul2009

Slabs 058 - Joe Hart - China Syndrome

Posted by AIC • Jul 15, 2009


Our next guest slab leaked it’s way out through the pores of Joe Hart (resident of the underground Body Hammer and Bloc club nights). This mix is loaded with a lethal dose of old electro and freestyle tracks. It comes with warnings of mutations, uncontrollable contamination, substantial health damage and potential nuclear meltdown.



L.A. Message – D-D-D-D-Don’t Go (Instrumental Version)
Richard Gateaux – Fetish B
Yello – Lost Again (Greg Wilson Edit)
Kold Krew – Don’t Let ‘Em Drop The Bomb
X-Ray Vision – Video Control
Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – We Like Ugly Women (Instrumental)
Kid Frost – Commando Rock
Hashim – Chateau Vie (Castle Life)
MKG – Tear Shed (Shed The Dub Tear Mix)
Bionic Force – The Age Of The Atom
Lovebug Starski – Say What You Wanna Say

Joe will be playing up in Glasgow at Countach’s ‘Battle of Cannae’ on 2nd August @ The Black Sparrow. Details of this event will follow soon.

Body Hammer
Joe Hart Myspace


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