10 Jun2009

The Binnin, somewhere near Glasgow, 27/06/09

Posted by AIC • Jun 10, 2009


“The Binnin is an annual free party put on to celebrate the diversity and genius that is our club scene here in Glasgow. This year has a healthy dose of Pest control artists plus a selection of residents from Glasgow club nights as well as some special guests.

We like to keep the location a secret (cause you know what the plod are like). But we can say its in a big tent in a field just outside Glasgow and we’ll bus you there and back.

If you own a tent and have an appetite for techno, electro, disco, and house, yer welcome to party with us and join The Binnin Beaver Club.”

- The Binnin Beaver Club (est. 2008)

Bus tickets cost £7 and can be bought at the Pest Control website.


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