08 Dec2008

The Countach Holiday Season

Posted by AIC • Dec 08, 2008

Our ‘King of the Countach’ associate Andy has invited us to play at his next two all day disco terror parties.
Countach is irregular all day disco terror, kicking off at 3pm and ending when we get kicked out.

Round 1. ‘Countach Crimbo Carnage’ December 21st @ The Halt

Andy Piacentini ( Dance Dance Dance )
Nasterlie ( My Grannies Sound Machine)
BP (disco.tec)
Chris McEwan (Monkeypuzzle)
Slab Tang Clan (Slabs of the Tabernacle)

Round 2. ‘The Years ((Go By))’ January 2nd @ The Halt

Tottieheid (Nuthin Toulouse)
Bill Ambrose (Body Box)
Andy Blake (Dissident)
Spruxxx LIVE (Cyberdance)
Zardoz Bitches (Slabs of the Tabernacle)
Meschi (Dream Machine)
Michael Rimini (Newcastle)
Casionova (Cyberdance)

Plus more…

…come join us!


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