17 Nov2008

Slabs 031 - Meschi 'The Dwelling Place'

Posted by AIC • Nov 17, 2008


We’ve been listening to Meschi’s mysteriously titled mixes for a while now. The mix he has done for us is exactly what we’ve come to expect from him, carefully chosen, dreamy, abstract and robotic selections. This mix is called ‘The Dwelling Place’.



01. michael rother – km6
02. magician’s hat – findhorns song
03. michael rother – blauer regen
04. tangerine dream – first movement: birth of liquid plejades
05. t error 404 – planetarium
06. curve – falling free (aphex twin remix)
07. situations – ice below
08. franz falckenhaus – manhunter
09. brian eno – 2-2
10. der zyklus – formenverwandler

256kbps : 59:40

Meschi will be up in Glasgow and joining the Cyber Dance DJs, Slabs of the Tabernacle DJs and more at the Captain’s Rest on the 2nd January for the all day ‘Years Go By Countach’ party. Check the infinitestatemachine site for his other mixes.


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