17 Sep2008

Slabs 023

Posted by AIC • Sep 17, 2008


“I have lived 300 years, and long to die. But death is no longer possible, I am immortal. I present now my story – full of mystery and intrigue. Rich in irony, and most satirical. It is set deep within a possible future, so none of these events have yet occurred. But they may! Be warned, lest you end as I. In this tale I am a fake god by occupation, and a magician by inclination. Merlin is my hero! I am the puppet master. I manipulate many of the characters and events you will see. But I am invented too for your entertainment and amusement.

- Who am I?”


English Electric – DRM (Dicky Trisco Remix)
Fancy Robot – Fancy Theme (Roberto Rodriguez Human Mix)
Creepy Autograph – The Gray Mans Theme
Jeff Mills – More Black Matter
Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis
Man Machine – Man Machine (Cyber – Subsonik)
Ottomix – I’m In The Shadow (Club Version)
Atmosfear – What Do We Do (Club Mix)
Schoolly D – P.S.K.-What Does It Mean?
Muravchix – Tropical Warrior
Automat – Black Star
Chateau Flight – GRN Aventurine
Rootah – Holy Mount Part 2
Smith & Mighty – Closer
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Ing
Voigt Kampff – Bonus Beats
Drexciya – Surface Terrestrial Colonization


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