14 Nov2016

Radar Radio - Tabernacle Records 17.10.16

Posted by AIC • Nov 14, 2016


Bit late in getting round to mentioning this but our last show on Radar Radio can be downloaded or streamed now.


Phantom Band – E. F. 1
Sonar Base – Outland
S U R V I V E – Low Fog
Lost Trax – Creatures
VC-118A – Blue World Below
Mark Du Mosch – Red Jam
John Heckle – r136
Anom Vitruv – Untitled
The Third Man – Stepping Over
Phantom Planet Outlaws – Muscle Patrol
Mark Forshaw – The Influencing Machine
Fancy & Spook – Forest With Creature
Trackmasta Lou – To Day Is A Good Day (John Heckle Re-Animation)
Ditone – Infoporn
Ami Shavit – Alpha 1
Unknown Artist – Untitled
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – De A Dar Vi Kom Ifran, A Dit Vi Ska, Sa De A Lika Bra A Borja Vanja Av Sa Me A Leva
Billy Ray De La Haye – Orpheus
Ulwhednar – Begravd Under Is
Wanderlust – Ich Bin Froh
John Carpenter In Association With Alan Howarth – Over The Wall
Cosmic Garden – Sealaconda (Creta Kano Dub)
Isorrine – Without Tears
Pat Belcher – Untitled
Anopolis – Anopolis 2
Leo Anibaldi – Untitled
Sonar Base – II



Our next one is coming up on Monday 21st (going into Tuesday 22nd) of this month.


03 Oct2016

Slabs 195 - Andy Gilbert

Posted by jwins • Oct 03, 2016


Co-founder of the longstanding Glasgow night Jak, member of the Bizarre Tempo collective, and boss man for vinyl label Full Dose who released the excellent Foch Reflection EP by AKHIEZER earlier this year as their first release. This is a mix showcasing Andy’s very distinct and off kilter heads-down approach.


Jonas Palm – The Return to Timbuktu
Irsol – Anthem
Mick Milk – Robots For Jesus
Richard Wahnfried – Time Actor
Actress – Maze
Dreesvn – Tall Stories
Bill Converse – Riverbank
Sendex – Exposure
Paul Bishop – Push
Dilemma – Noise
Kim Rapatti – Instrument III
Big Youth – Living (Dub)



09 Sep2016

Slabs 193/194 - Rick Nicholls

Posted by AIC • Sep 09, 2016


So it’s only taken me five years to follow up my previous Slabs mix. Not bad going eh? Recording mixes tends to freak me out a bit – it’s strange because I spend a lot of time on my decks trying out new stuff – almost daily, if not at least a few good solid sessions per week, yet once the recording device is set up I just start overthinking it and it all becomes a bit too clinical and rigid. Then I build it up as a ‘thing’ in my head and the whole endless, debilitating spiral continues.

I do however enjoy having that final slab of audio that I can share with people and come back to myself once some time has passed, which means that sometimes you just have to give your head a wobble and stick with it, right?

I’m offering up two mixes for the price of one here in an attempt to better my ‘mixes per year’ ratio.

Part one was very loosely planned and consists of me messing around with my Eventide Space pedal set up as send/return on my mixer, mainly using reverb and echo but also doing a little bit of looping in parts by tapping in the tempo and keeping the echo feedback at 100%. It’s pretty fast moving and maybe a bit hectic in parts but I’m quite fond of it. For me everything in there is techno, but for the sake of description it’s a mixture of footwork, hardcore, techno, jungle/D’n‘B, acid, booty house, electro and braindance.

Part two is a bit more considered and is a mix that has existed in many forms over the last few months. Each time I’ve been close to recording it I’ve packed a bag of records for a dj gig and the idea has subsequently collapsed. It’s a bunch of ambient, melodic, emotive and quite nostalgic tracks that are very close to my heart. I tried to create a narrative to go along with the music by layering field recordings, found sounds and vocal snippets throughout the mix. I used a Roland RE-201 Space Echo fed through an Eventide Modfactor to create modulating echoes which allow for some nice effects within the music but mainly act as a way of tying the tracks together as I didn’t want to do any mixing that would cause them to deviate from their original pitch.

Enough ranting from me, hope you enjoy these – see you again in 2021!

Tracklist Part 1

A Guy Called Gerald – The Universe
Andre Holland – Unabomber
Traxman – Bubbles
DJ Stingray – Dystopic
Traxman – Make Love To Me
A Guy Called Gerald – Universal Spirit
Traxman – Computer Getto
Mark Fell – Periodic Orbits of a Dynamic System Related To A Knot
Chez Damier – Help Myself (Carl Craig Mix) (45rpm)
Kettel – Inman
Container – Remover
Traxman – Under Cover Jack
Steve Silk Hurley – Jack Your Body (Intro w/FX)
Kettel – Poblesec
Autechre – M62
Model 500 – Incredible
DJ Stingray – Counter Surveillance
Model Man – Flying Knives
Mr. Fingers – The Sun Can’t Compare (45rpm)
Second Storey – Helicat
Nookie – The Sound of Music
Traxman – Acid 2013
Radio Logg – Threshing Machine
Passarani 2099 – V-Row
DMX Krew – Broken SD140
Drexciya – Take Your Mind
Rian Treanor – A Rational Tangle B1
Itinerant Dubs – Weaving Dub (DJ Stingray RMS Mix)
Rhythm & Sound – No Partial
Mr. De – The Zoo
Drexciya – Mantaray
AFX – Oberheim Blacet 1B
Mike Ink – Rosenkranz (Melodymix by Mono Junk)
AFX – Bonus EMT Beats
Traxman – 1976
Remote – Protecting My Hive
AFX – Simple Slamming B2
A Guy Called Gerald – The Nile
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares
Autechre – Flutter
Drexciya – Anti Vapour Waves
Cylob – Rosetta
Kettel – Here Comes The Gang


Tracklist Part 2

Matthias Kaspert – Ljubljana Railway Station
Cylob – Calling
Andreas Bick – Cape Cross Seals
Boards of Canada – The Colour of The Fire
Cylob – Yeah Ha
Dmitry Urupin Solovetsky – Islands Bird Colony On The Seashore
Boards of Canada – Bocuma
Teresa Winter – How Strange Are Bodies
Cylob – Unsurrounded
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Clemens Von Reusner – Salzgitter Steel
Lena Platonos – Liquer
Marek Brandt – Glasgow Bingo Hall
Cylob – Zattrday
Cylob – Lithpippes
Catherine Clover – London Stopping Train – Clapham
Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries
Teresa Winter – Bounce 700
John Tenny – San Francisico Street Life – Mission District
CN – Maat
Aphex Twin – Aisatsana 102
F Ingers – Blissful Clubby House
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Justin Hardison – Sardinia – A Walk Along The Stormy Beach
Teresa Winter – Cannot Look
Ben Owen – New York 2005
Cylob – K
CN – The Hollowed Lairs
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Cylob – Edge
Heidi Lord – AM7
Stephen Cornford – London Royal Festival Hall
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
The Tuss – Goodbye Rute
Actress – Maze
Aphex Twin – Xmas Eve
Dmitry Urupin – Moscow – About What The Night Bird
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Boards of Canada – Under the Coke Sign
Teresa Winter – You Made Me Give You All My Love
Steven Brown – Manchester Steam Train Through Tunnel
Oneohtrix Point Never – Actual Air
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Lee Kwang Goh – Rotterdam – Breath Of The Sea
DMX Krew – Glantane
Drexciya – Neon Falls
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Chris & Cosey – Moving Still
Teresa & Azlee – Pennies
Palix – Torino Fish Market
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music For Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar And Computer – Part Two
BBC Everyman – E is for Ecstasy (Rave Documentary 1992 – Excerpt)
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
Cylob – Skylight



05 Sep2016

[LDN] Blackest Ever Black 15.10.16

Posted by AIC • Sep 05, 2016


Blackest Ever Black @ Corsica Studios

On Saturday 15th October, Blackest Ever Black returns to Corsica Studios for its first London party since 2013. Live performances from Carla dal Forno, Chain Of Flowers, Tarquin Manek and AD Jacques; DJs: Felix K, Pessimist, Dynamo Dreesen, DJ Benetti, Ossia, Andrew Ingram (Tabernacle Records) and Kenny White.

Advanced tickets available now from RA



11 Aug2016

Slabs 192 - John Marchant

Posted by AIC • Aug 11, 2016


John and his brother came up from Leeds to our first party with I-G over six years ago (good effort) and we’ve been sharing many similar journeys across Europe ever since.. (that’s him driving)

This mix spans just a few gems in John’s collection, moving through electro, funk, Italo and disco.



03 Aug2016

Radar Radio - Tabernacle Records 30.07.16

Posted by AIC • Aug 03, 2016


You can now stream or download our first show for Radar Radio


Antigone & François X – We Move As One
John Heckle – Unreleased
Systemwide – Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix)
Peder Mannerfelt – BZ Reaction
The Third Man – Unreleased
The Black Dog – Cost II
T|M|B|T|S – Beyond The Clouds
Akhiezer – Narcosa
Ed Chamberlain – Place
The Connection Machine – Mind Design
Ever Moving – Underwater Love
Unique 3 – Digicality
Anom Vitruv – Untitled
Frak – Colour Cascade
Stephanie Sykes – Perplex
DB1 – Untitled
VC-118A – B76 Over Land
Anokie – Somewhere South
Noise Unit – Dismembered Quietly
Personal Mythologies – Los Dinosaurios
In The Mouth Of The Wolf – Need Of Angels
Function/Inland – Rhyl
2000 And One – It Belongs To Me (Reprise)
Drax – Middle Earth
Dub Syndicate – Over Board
Junior Murvin – Cool Down The Heat
VC-118A – Warp
Cignol – Public Expenditure




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